Welcome to the Biofunctional Nanomaterials Design (BIND) Laboratory


BIND Laboratory has been founded by Asst. Prof. Banu İyisan at Biomedical Engineering Institute of Bogazici University in 2021 and conducts research in the field of smart, bio-relevant nanocarriers. BIND Lab is the Max Planck Partner Group in Bogazici University, Turkey starting from June, 2023 for the following 5 years.

Our multidisciplinary research interests include the design, fabrication and characterization of versatile nanocarrier systems such as polymeric nanocapsules, nanospheres, magnetic nanoparticles, gold nanorods, polymer/lipid hybrid nanoparticles to overcome challenges in biomedical applications. Our main goal is to use these nanomaterials to develop multimodal systems that have several functions in one pot for use in controlled and targeted drug delivery systems, imaging and diagnostic applications. BIND Lab team utilizes a variety of inputs from nanobiotechnology, polymers, colloids, biomaterials, life sciences and engineering approaches to realize such studies that require a highly interdisciplinary working platform.